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Info Hash:
  1. 01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome to OneonOne.mp454.94 MB
  2. 02. Opening an Image/02_02-Opening an image from the Windows desktop.mp422.59 MB
  3. 02. Opening an Image/02_04-Opening an image from Photoshop or Bridge.mp419.54 MB
  4. 02. Opening an Image/02_05-Opening an image in Camera Raw.mp418.56 MB
  5. 02. Opening an Image/02_06-Closing one image, or all at once.mp418.46 MB
  6. 02. Opening an Image/02_03-Opening an image from the Macintosh Finder.mp416.93 MB
  7. 02. Opening an Image/02_01-How it all starts.mp44.71 MB
  8. 03. Getting Around/03_14-A few very important preferences.mp424.61 MB
  9. 03. Getting Around/03_03-Using the more precise Zoom tool.mp423.84 MB
  10. 03. Getting Around/03_04-Zooming continuously.mp423.83 MB
  11. 03. Getting Around/03_08-Switching between open images.mp423.68 MB
  12. 03. Getting Around/03_12-Panels and workspaces.mp422.85 MB
  13. 03. Getting Around/03_02-Zooming in and out.mp420.95 MB
  14. 03. Getting Around/03_11-Using the Navigator panel.mp420.91 MB
  15. 03. Getting Around/03_10-Cycling between screen modes.mp419.30 MB
  16. 03. Getting Around/03_05-Entering a custom zoom value.mp418.00 MB
  17. 03. Getting Around/03_07-A few topsecret scrolling tricks.mp416.90 MB
  18. 03. Getting Around/03_09-Rotating and resetting the view.mp416.70 MB
  19. 03. Getting Around/03_06-Scrolling aka panning.mp412.40 MB
  20. 03. Getting Around/03_15-Reassigning Spotlight Mac only.mp412.38 MB
  21. 03. Getting Around/03_13-Updating a workspace.mp48.79 MB
  22. 03. Getting Around/03_01-Navigating your image.mp44.70 MB
  23. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_08-Downsampling for email and photo sharing.mp443.34 MB
  24. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_06-Changing the print resolution.mp431.35 MB
  25. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_04-Common resolution standards.mp428.83 MB
  26. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_10-Some practical downsampling advice.mp428.15 MB
  27. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_05-Upsampling vs. real highresolution data.mp428.10 MB
  28. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_03-Introducing the Image Size command.mp427.52 MB
  29. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_11-Upsampling with Preserve Details.mp422.55 MB
  30. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_07-Downsampling for print.mp422.23 MB
  31. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_02-Image size and resolution.mp419.61 MB
  32. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_09-The six interpolation settings.mp416.85 MB
  33. 04. Image Size and Resolution/04_01-Digital imaging fundamentals.mp411.58 MB
  34. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_04-Rotating and other Crop tool tricks.mp425.55 MB
  35. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_05-Straightening a crooked image.mp421.11 MB
  36. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_06-Filling in missing background details.mp416.04 MB
  37. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_03-Cropping nondestructively.mp414.24 MB
  38. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_07-Using the Perspective Crop tool.mp412.02 MB
  39. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_01-Honing in on your image.mp411.79 MB
  40. 05. Crop and Straighten/05_02-Using the Crop tool.mp49.31 MB
  41. 06. Introducing Layers/06_09-Distinguishing black from nonblack pixels.mp420.43 MB
  42. 06. Introducing Layers/06_13-Working with opacity and blend modes.mp417.28 MB
  43. 06. Introducing Layers/06_05-Turning a color photo black and white.mp415.28 MB
  44. 06. Introducing Layers/06_16-Filling a selection with color.mp415.12 MB
  45. 06. Introducing Layers/06_03-Converting the flat background into a layer.mp414.56 MB
  46. 06. Introducing Layers/06_11-Expanding the canvas to contain a new layer.mp413.20 MB
  47. 06. Introducing Layers/06_10-Moving an image from one document to another.mp412.91 MB
  48. 06. Introducing Layers/06_02-Introducing the Layers panel.mp412.67 MB
  49. 06. Introducing Layers/06_07-Creating a new layer and painting on it.mp412.63 MB
  50. 06. Introducing Layers/06_08-Simple tricks for painting with the Brush tool.mp411.63 MB
  51. 06. Introducing Layers/06_15-Scale, rotate, and layer masks.mp411.27 MB
  52. 06. Introducing Layers/06_06-Creating a silhouette with BrightnessContrast.mp410.86 MB
  53. 06. Introducing Layers/06_04-Customizing the transparency checkerboard.mp49.70 MB
  54. 06. Introducing Layers/06_14-Three ways to duplicate a layer.mp48.59 MB
  55. 06. Introducing Layers/06_12-Employing a clipping mask.mp48.03 MB
  56. 06. Introducing Layers/06_01-The layered composition.mp47.95 MB
  57. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_02-Four essential things to know about saving.mp424.69 MB
  58. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_06-Saving a flat photograph to JPEG.mp424.13 MB
  59. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_03-Saving layers to the native PSD format.mp420.02 MB
  60. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_05-Saving an interactive image to PNG.mp414.94 MB
  61. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_04-Saving a flat print image to TIFF.mp412.99 MB
  62. 07. Saving Your Progress/07_01-The art of saving.mp48.81 MB
  63. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_04-Automatic BrightnessContrast.mp424.12 MB
  64. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_06-Applying a dynamic adjustment layer.mp420.25 MB
  65. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_03-The three Auto commands.mp419.97 MB
  66. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_10-Putting the Histogram to use.mp419.52 MB
  67. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_08-Isolating an adjustment with a layer mask.mp417.73 MB
  68. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_07-Adjustment layer tips and tricks.mp417.58 MB
  69. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_11-Reducing contrast with ShadowsHighlights.mp417.02 MB
  70. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_05-Custom BrightnessContrast.mp417.00 MB
  71. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_02-How luminance works.mp415.75 MB
  72. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_01-Luminance and its relationship to color.mp413.20 MB
  73. 08. Brightness and Contrast/08_09-Introducing the Histogram.mp410.16 MB
  74. 09. Balancing Colors/09_06-Correcting color cast in Camera Raw.mp420.02 MB
  75. 09. Balancing Colors/09_08-Introducing HueSaturation.mp419.53 MB
  76. 09. Balancing Colors/09_04-Manually adjusting colors with Color Balance.mp419.28 MB
  77. 09. Balancing Colors/09_03-Correcting a color cast automatically.mp418.37 MB
  78. 09. Balancing Colors/09_11-Creating a quickanddirty sepiatone effect.mp418.36 MB
  79. 09. Balancing Colors/09_07-Adjusting color intensity with Vibrance.mp418.29 MB
  80. 09. Balancing Colors/09_09-Summoning colors where none exist.mp416.53 MB
  81. 09. Balancing Colors/09_05-Tipping a color cast with Photo Filter.mp415.89 MB
  82. 09. Balancing Colors/09_02-Identifying the color cast of a photo.mp413.79 MB
  83. 09. Balancing Colors/09_10-Making even more color with Vibrance.mp413.51 MB
  84. 09. Balancing Colors/09_01-Color resides in the eyes of the beholder.mp411.41 MB
  85. 09. Balancing Colors/09_12-Your own personal color chart.mp44.18 MB
  86. 10. Making Selections/10_12-Conquering the Quick Selection tool.mp435.92 MB
  87. 10. Making Selections/10_07-Working with the Magic Wand tool.mp433.39 MB
  88. 10. Making Selections/10_08-Saving and loading selections.mp433.21 MB
  89. 10. Making Selections/10_04-Add, subtract, and intersect selections.mp430.45 MB
  90. 10. Making Selections/10_13-Using each of the three Lasso tools.mp429.06 MB
  91. 10. Making Selections/10_03-Painting with the Quick Selection tool.mp428.98 MB
  92. 10. Making Selections/10_05-Turning a selection into a layer mask.mp425.96 MB
  93. 10. Making Selections/10_11-Enhancing the drama of your scene.mp424.41 MB
  94. 10. Making Selections/10_06-Aligning a layer to a selection.mp424.27 MB
  95. 10. Making Selections/10_02-Using the geometric Marquee tools.mp422.11 MB
  96. 10. Making Selections/10_14-Drawing a freeform shadow with the Lasso.mp420.73 MB
  97. 10. Making Selections/10_10-Adding clouds to your composition.mp418.15 MB
  98. 10. Making Selections/10_09-Refining the quality of a selection.mp416.14 MB
  99. 10. Making Selections/10_15-Colorizing a layer with Color Overlay.mp410.05 MB
  100. 10. Making Selections/10_01-Photoshops power of selection.mp48.72 MB
  101. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_02-Combining the best of the selection tools.mp428.62 MB
  102. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_05-Gauging the quality of a selection.mp427.71 MB
  103. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_12-Expanding and contracting a selection.mp424.40 MB
  104. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_06-Painting adjustments with the Brush tool.mp422.85 MB
  105. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_03-Introducing the Quick Mask mode.mp422.20 MB
  106. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_07-Adding motion blur with the Smudge tool.mp420.20 MB
  107. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_09-Applying a specialeffects filter.mp420.13 MB
  108. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_11-Selecting all the black lines.mp418.17 MB
  109. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_08-Reversing a mask with Invert.mp414.15 MB
  110. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_10-Smoothing a badly stroked edge.mp414.03 MB
  111. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_01-Painting selections.mp413.10 MB
  112. 11. The Quick Mask Mode/11_04-The fastest way to save a selection.mp411.60 MB
  113. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_04-A closer look at ContentAware cloning.mp434.47 MB
  114. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_03-Cloning and ContentAware tools.mp431.11 MB
  115. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_06-Healing Brush tips and tricks.mp427.16 MB
  116. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_15-Nondestructive dodging and burning.mp426.42 MB
  117. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_07-Shiftclicking to heal in straight lines.mp425.95 MB
  118. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_10-Using the Dodge and Burn tools.mp425.22 MB
  119. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_09-Flipping and rotating the source data.mp424.69 MB
  120. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_05-Painting with the Spot Healing Brush.mp424.66 MB
  121. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_14-Smoothing skin textures with blur.mp422.64 MB
  122. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_11-Whitening teeth with the Sponge tool.mp422.34 MB
  123. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_08-Using the standard Healing Brush.mp421.09 MB
  124. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_13-Selectively recoloring details.mp419.16 MB
  125. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_02-Correcting very bad colors.mp419.04 MB
  126. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_12-Reshaping details with the Liquify filter.mp415.14 MB
  127. 12. Retouch and Heal/12_01-Your best face forward.mp410.78 MB
  128. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_10-HSL and the Targeted Adjustment tool.mp430.51 MB
  129. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_09-Clarity and Chromatic Aberration.mp426.39 MB
  130. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_02-Applying Camera Raw as a filter.mp426.10 MB
  131. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_08-Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks.mp424.67 MB
  132. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_11-Using the Spot Removal tool.mp423.63 MB
  133. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_06-Opening and developing a raw photograph.mp420.91 MB
  134. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_07-Opening and editing multiple images.mp418.80 MB
  135. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_04-Handling a Camera Raw image in Photoshop.mp417.90 MB
  136. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_03-Nondestructive Camera Raw.mp416.99 MB
  137. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_12-Cleaning up with the Patch tool.mp412.33 MB
  138. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_01-Photoshops most powerful plugin.mp410.76 MB
  139. 13. Introducing Camera Raw/13_05-Capturing raw images and converting to DNG.mp46.92 MB
  140. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_05-Tips and tricks for finding the perfect font.mp420.69 MB
  141. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_04-Formatting type from the Character panel.mp420.31 MB
  142. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_07-Adjusting leading and paragraph spacing.mp419.91 MB
  143. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_02-Creating and scaling a line of type.mp417.05 MB
  144. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_03-Formatting type from the options bar.mp416.71 MB
  145. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_10-Creating text along a circle.mp415.91 MB
  146. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_06-Creating and editing paragraph text.mp415.38 MB
  147. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_13-Creating a stressed cancellation mark.mp414.86 MB
  148. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_09-Aligning one layer to another.mp412.62 MB
  149. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_08-Setting the antialiasing for very small text.mp412.19 MB
  150. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_12-Doublestroking a circle.mp411.10 MB
  151. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_11-Finding a character with the Glyphs panel.mp410.51 MB
  152. 14. Creating and Formatting Text/14_01-Photoshops vectorbased type.mp410.29 MB
  153. 15. Printing Your Images/15_06-Brightening your image for print.mp427.90 MB
  154. 15. Printing Your Images/15_01-Print from RGB, not CMYK.mp426.44 MB
  155. 15. Printing Your Images/15_04-Using printerspecific options on the PC.mp425.70 MB
  156. 15. Printing Your Images/15_03-Print, size, and position.mp422.14 MB
  157. 15. Printing Your Images/15_02-Using my customizable printer test file.mp416.87 MB
  158. 15. Printing Your Images/15_07-Description and printing marks.mp416.37 MB
  159. 15. Printing Your Images/15_09-Previewing an image at print size.mp416.07 MB
  160. 15. Printing Your Images/15_05-Using printerspecific options on the Mac.mp415.77 MB
  161. 15. Printing Your Images/15_08-Establishing a borderless bleed.mp414.95 MB
  162. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_10-Stroking translucent text.mp431.26 MB
  163. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_06-Saving a graphic as a 8bit GIF or PNG.mp420.55 MB
  164. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_04-Introducing the oldschool Save for Web.mp420.13 MB
  165. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_03-How color works on the web.mp420.00 MB
  166. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_09-Exporting multiple layers and groups.mp419.91 MB
  167. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_05-Saving a fullcolor PNG image.mp415.95 MB
  168. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_01-Images on the Wild Wild Web.mp415.38 MB
  169. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_08-Exporting vectorbased layers to SVG.mp415.02 MB
  170. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_02-Assigning copyright and contact info.mp414.56 MB
  171. 16. Creating Web Graphics/16_07-Using the new Quick Export command.mp414.24 MB
  172. 17. Conclusion/17_01-Until next time.mp413.07 MB
  173. Exercice Files/01_open/Welcome.psd10.13 MB
  174. Exercice Files/01_open/Welcome.tif1.81 MB
  175. Exercice Files/01_open/Welcome.png1.70 MB
  176. Exercice Files/01_open/Welcome.jpg1,005.90 KB
  177. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Welcome.psd10.20 MB
  178. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Businessman.jpg10.02 MB
  179. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Kingpin.jpg8.97 MB
  180. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Yellow.jpg5.13 MB
  181. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Loner.jpg4.55 MB
  182. Exercice Files/02_navigate/Football.jpg3.24 MB
  183. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Commercially printed detail.psd130.18 MB
  184. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Screen resolutions.psd120.90 MB
  185. Exercice Files/03_resolution/High-res scan.jpg87.16 MB
  186. Exercice Files/03_resolution/My downsampled file.tif39.13 MB
  187. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Rules for downsampling.psd35.55 MB
  188. Exercice Files/03_resolution/View from Balmoral Edinburgh.jpg34.72 MB
  189. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Upsample comparison.psd22.61 MB
  190. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Upsampled image.jpg18.13 MB
  191. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Origami flower.tif7.94 MB
  192. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Downsample comparison.psd6.24 MB
  193. Exercice Files/03_resolution/The big spaceman.jpg5.94 MB
  194. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Downsampled Edinburgh.jpg2.61 MB
  195. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Resample & interpolation.psd2.33 MB
  196. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Print resolutions.psd2.31 MB
  197. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Image size demo.psd2.13 MB
  198. Exercice Files/03_resolution/650 thousand pixels.psd1.97 MB
  199. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Buzz Aldrin.jpg1.36 MB
  200. Exercice Files/03_resolution/A very small image.png1.19 MB
  201. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Gray checkers big.tif38.03 KB
  202. Exercice Files/03_resolution/Gray checkers small.tif25.32 KB
  203. Exercice Files/04_crop/7 by 8 aspect ratio.psd74.96 MB
  204. Exercice Files/04_crop/Nondestructive crop.psd62.20 MB
  205. Exercice Files/04_crop/Perpendicular horizon.psd19.03 MB
  206. Exercice Files/04_crop/Bernat Martorell masterpiece.jpg13.97 MB
  207. Exercice Files/04_crop/Straightened shark.psd12.33 MB
  208. Exercice Files/04_crop/Candid photo.jpg8.73 MB
  209. Exercice Files/04_crop/St George restored.jpg6.22 MB
  210. Exercice Files/04_crop/High above me.jpg4.94 MB
  211. Exercice Files/04_crop/View from London Eye.jpg4.77 MB
  212. Exercice Files/05_layers/Pegasus in silhouette.psd15.45 MB
  213. Exercice Files/05_layers/Almost complete.psd15.42 MB
  214. Exercice Files/05_layers/Duplicate wing.psd11.80 MB
  215. Exercice Files/05_layers/The blended wing.psd7.83 MB
  216. Exercice Files/05_layers/Clipped adjustment layer.psd7.70 MB
  217. Exercice Files/05_layers/Expanded canvas.psd7.70 MB
  218. Exercice Files/05_layers/The wings of a crane.psd7.45 MB
  219. Exercice Files/05_layers/Horse in silhouette.psd3.48 MB
  220. Exercice Files/05_layers/Filled in hooves.psd3.34 MB
  221. Exercice Files/05_layers/Black brushstroke.psd3.32 MB
  222. Exercice Files/05_layers/Black-and-white horse.psd3.30 MB
  223. Exercice Files/05_layers/Centered horse layer.psd3.30 MB
  224. Exercice Files/05_layers/Layered horse.psd3.30 MB
  225. Exercice Files/05_layers/Galloping horse.jpg886.52 KB
  226. Exercice Files/05_layers/Sandhill crane.jpg502.66 KB
  227. Exercice Files/06_save/Dark & stormy façade.psd140.12 MB
  228. Exercice Files/06_save/Final MDNA cover effect.psd36.09 MB
  229. Exercice Files/06_save/MDNA shape layer.psd32.20 MB
  230. Exercice Files/06_save/Pegasus in silhouette.psd15.45 MB
  231. Exercice Files/06_save/Prepress cover.tif11.18 MB
  232. Exercice Files/06_save/London Eye selfie.psd10.30 MB
  233. Exercice Files/06_save/Yorkminster façade.jpg8.75 MB
  234. Exercice Files/06_save/Enlarge rotate blur.psd3.85 MB
  235. Exercice Files/06_save/Psychedelic pegasus.png710.32 KB
  236. Exercice Files/06_save/Three-color gradient.psd403.04 KB
  237. Exercice Files/07_luminance/The many heads.psd59.19 MB
  238. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Auto-corrected statues.psd59.15 MB
  239. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Auto-corrected currency.psd25.48 MB
  240. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Hundreds.psd25.48 MB
  241. Exercice Files/07_luminance/The brighter eye.psd18.66 MB
  242. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Wreck with adjustment layer.psd18.65 MB
  243. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Happy hawksbill.psd18.41 MB
  244. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Yellowish sea turtle.psd18.40 MB
  245. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Luminance demo.psd13.82 MB
  246. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Enhanced wreck dive.jpg3.95 MB
  247. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Histogram.psd3.12 MB
  248. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Hawksbill turtle & wreck.jpg2.83 MB
  249. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Overly light turtle.jpg2.71 MB
  250. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Colorful turtle.jpg2.61 MB
  251. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Dramatic contrast reduction.jpg2.02 MB
  252. Exercice Files/07_luminance/St Thomas turtle.jpg1.82 MB
  253. Exercice Files/07_luminance/Barracuda.jpg1.66 MB
  254. Exercice Files/08_color/Hue locator.psd80.38 MB
  255. Exercice Files/08_color/Basic sepiatone.psd18.59 MB
  256. Exercice Files/08_color/Natural skintones.psd18.59 MB
  257. Exercice Files/08_color/Otherworldly turtle.psd18.50 MB
  258. Exercice Files/08_color/Photo Filter adjustment.psd18.50 MB
  259. Exercice Files/08_color/Color balanced turtle.psd18.50 MB
  260. Exercice Files/08_color/Yellowish sea turtle.psd18.50 MB
  261. Exercice Files/08_color/More saturated cowfish.psd18.14 MB
  262. Exercice Files/08_color/Violet sea.psd8.06 MB
  263. Exercice Files/08_color/Vibrance plus Hue Saturation.psd8.06 MB
  264. Exercice Files/08_color/Quite colorful pillar coral.psd8.06 MB
  265. Exercice Files/08_color/Friendly grouper.jpg5.71 MB
  266. Exercice Files/08_color/Better looking grouper.jpg5.52 MB
  267. Exercice Files/08_color/Spray paint cans.psd4.91 MB
  268. Exercice Files/08_color/Auto-corrected image.jpg3.61 MB
  269. Exercice Files/08_color/Obvious color cast.jpg3.44 MB
  270. Exercice Files/08_color/Camera Raw turtle.jpg3.38 MB
  271. Exercice Files/08_color/Honeycomb cowfish.jpg2.49 MB
  272. Exercice Files/08_color/Drab-looking pillar coral.jpg1.22 MB
  273. Exercice Files/09_select/Giant figure.psd70.15 MB
  274. Exercice Files/09_select/Strange planet.psd69.77 MB
  275. Exercice Files/09_select/Final reddish clouds.psd69.76 MB
  276. Exercice Files/09_select/Brighter desert.psd69.72 MB
  277. Exercice Files/09_select/Overly bright composition.psd69.56 MB
  278. Exercice Files/09_select/More dramatic foreground.psd69.55 MB
  279. Exercice Files/09_select/Sky full of stars.psd55.39 MB
  280. Exercice Files/09_select/Rocks with planet.psd34.35 MB
  281. Exercice Files/09_select/Landscape layer.psd22.52 MB
  282. Exercice Files/09_select/In your face Mars.psd22.43 MB
  283. Exercice Files/09_select/Red skies at night.psd14.65 MB
  284. Exercice Files/09_select/El Valle de la Luna.jpg6.69 MB
  285. Exercice Files/09_select/Masked traveler.psd6.47 MB
  286. Exercice Files/09_select/Selected clouds.tif4.98 MB
  287. Exercice Files/09_select/Young stars.jpg4.76 MB
  288. Exercice Files/09_select/Center guidelines.jpg1.85 MB
  289. Exercice Files/09_select/Mars Valles Marineris.jpg1.84 MB
  290. Exercice Files/09_select/Clouds on blue sky.jpg1.67 MB
  291. Exercice Files/09_select/Traveler.jpg1.48 MB
  292. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Credible stained glass.psd19.76 MB
  293. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Horrible-looking effect.psd19.76 MB
  294. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Glass ornament.psd19.74 MB
  295. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Fakey stained glass.psd19.67 MB
  296. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Bird with tree.psd18.24 MB
  297. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Lone tree.psd10.79 MB
  298. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Masked bird.psd7.92 MB
  299. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Wings in motion.tif3.39 MB
  300. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Manual brushwork.tif3.24 MB
  301. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Better edges.tif3.09 MB
  302. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Rough selection.tif2.90 MB
  303. Exercice Files/10_quick_mask/Hummingbird.jpg992.02 KB
  304. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Best friends.psd122.68 MB
  305. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Smoother skin.psd104.45 MB
  306. Exercice Files/11_retouch/More neutral colors.psd89.59 MB
  307. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Whiter smile.psd85.80 MB
  308. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Reshaped cheek.psd85.79 MB
  309. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Brighter features.psd85.59 MB
  310. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Healing phase 5.psd57.85 MB
  311. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Healing phase 4.psd57.76 MB
  312. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Healing phase 3.psd57.72 MB
  313. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Healing phase 2.psd57.61 MB
  314. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Spot Healing work.psd57.56 MB
  315. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Much-improved colors.psd56.15 MB
  316. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Spherized grid.psd17.66 MB
  317. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Disappeared shape.psd17.35 MB
  318. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Two young women.jpg3.97 MB
  319. Exercice Files/11_retouch/Left girl right cheek.msh302.88 KB
  320. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Balanced camp photos/Camp night-3.dng28.06 MB
  321. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Balanced camp photos/Camp night-2.dng27.99 MB
  322. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Balanced camp photos/Camp night-1.dng27.70 MB
  323. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Balanced camp photos/Camp night-4.dng26.79 MB
  324. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Camp night-3.dng28.05 MB
  325. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Camp night-2.dng27.98 MB
  326. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Camp night-1.dng27.69 MB
  327. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Camp night-4.dng26.78 MB
  328. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Rugged cliffs.dng23.45 MB
  329. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Undeveloped cliffs.dng23.45 MB
  330. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Cliffs of Moher.dng23.45 MB
  331. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Estes Park elk.dng22.67 MB
  332. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Unsightly post.dng22.65 MB
  333. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Landscape arch.dng19.78 MB
  334. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Stunning work of nature.dng19.78 MB
  335. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Enhanced arch.jpg16.12 MB
  336. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Unremarkable arch.jpg10.93 MB
  337. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Retouched photo.dng9.86 MB
  338. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/First-pass development.dng9.83 MB
  339. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Alicia in hat.dng9.83 MB
  340. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/High clarity portrait.dng9.83 MB
  341. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Patch tool edits.jpg4.94 MB
  342. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Developed portrait.jpg4.49 MB
  343. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Static Camera Raw edit.jpg3.23 MB
  344. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/iPhone landscape.jpg3.22 MB
  345. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Nondestructive adjustments.jpg3.22 MB
  346. Exercice Files/12_camera_raw/Another static photograph.jpg2.79 MB
  347. Exercice Files/13_text/Picture postcard.psd16.58 MB
  348. Exercice Files/13_text/Double-stroked circle.psd16.56 MB
  349. Exercice Files/13_text/Now with bullets.psd16.56 MB
  350. Exercice Files/13_text/Text on a circle.psd16.56 MB
  351. Exercice Files/13_text/Honduras Forever stamp.psd16.51 MB
  352. Exercice Files/13_text/Stamp elements.psd16.51 MB
  353. Exercice Files/13_text/Improved line spacing.psd16.48 MB
  354. Exercice Files/13_text/Paragraph text.psd16.48 MB
  355. Exercice Files/13_text/Wish you were here.psd16.25 MB
  356. Exercice Files/13_text/Very wide tracking.psd16.18 MB
  357. Exercice Files/13_text/One line of point text.psd16.17 MB
  358. Exercice Files/13_text/Starter file.psd16.14 MB
  359. Exercice Files/13_text/Much larger clouds.psd8.09 MB
  360. Exercice Files/13_text/Low-res cloud world.jpg144.09 KB
  361. Exercice Files/14_print/For Print adjustment layer.psd108.36 MB
  362. Exercice Files/14_print/Epson R3000 settings.psd108.35 MB
  363. Exercice Files/14_print/Cornucopia of color.psd108.35 MB
  364. Exercice Files/14_print/Print Size success.jpg1.68 MB
  365. Exercice Files/15_web/Greetings from San Sebastián.psd69.00 MB
  366. Exercice Files/15_web/Extra Donostia.psd43.73 MB
  367. Exercice Files/15_web/Marked as copyrighted.psd43.60 MB
  368. Exercice Files/15_web/Dekes Techniques 436.psd23.72 MB
  369. Exercice Files/15_web/St Pauls Stone Gallery.dng23.45 MB
  370. Exercice Files/15_web/Misty Guggenheim Bilbao.dng19.21 MB
  371. Exercice Files/15_web/Picture postcard.psd16.76 MB
  372. Exercice Files/15_web/Smaller cornucopia.psd13.44 MB
  373. Exercice Files/15_web/Cornucopia in sRGB.psd13.36 MB
  374. Exercice Files/15_web/Vector-based artwork.svg6.03 MB
  375. Exercice Files/15_web/Dekes Techniques 384.psd5.81 MB
  376. Exercice Files/15_web/Type as shape layer.svg4.32 MB
  377. Exercice Files/15_web/Good quick export.png2.46 MB
  378. Exercice Files/15_web/Bad quick export.png2.36 MB
  379. Exercice Files/15_web/stamp.png711.36 KB
  380. Exercice Files/15_web/Horrifying colors.png626.62 KB
  381. Exercice Files/15_web/Wonderful-colors.png565.57 KB
  382. Exercice Files/15_web/Drab sRGB image.jpg451.03 KB
  383. Exercice Files/15_web/Wish you were here.jpg133.74 KB
  384. Exercice Files/15_web/Just-256-colors.png131.00 KB
  385. Exercice Files/15_web/Colorful-sRGB-image.jpg101.22 KB
  386. Exercice Files/15_web/cancel.png58.36 KB
  387. Exercice Files/15_web/tropical island.jpg49.54 KB