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  1. CD/Dave Edmunds - Get It.m3u535 bytes
  2. CD/Dave Edmunds-(01)Get Out Of Denver.flac17.36 MB
  3. CD/Dave Edmunds-(02)I Knew The Bride.flac21.32 MB
  4. CD/Dave Edmunds-(03)Back To School Days.flac20.07 MB
  5. CD/Dave Edmunds-(04)Here Comes The Weekend.flac13.85 MB
  6. CD/Dave Edmunds-(05)Worn Out Suits, Brand New Pockets.flac17.95 MB
  7. CD/Dave Edmunds-(06)Where Or When.flac15.67 MB
  8. CD/Dave Edmunds-(07)Juju Man.flac25.48 MB
  9. CD/Dave Edmunds-(08)Git It.flac16.41 MB
  10. CD/Dave Edmunds-(09)Let's Talk About Us.flac16.96 MB
  11. CD/Dave Edmunds-(10)Hey Good Lookin'.flac13.72 MB
  12. CD/Dave Edmunds-(11)What Did I Do Last Night .flac13.87 MB
  13. CD/Dave Edmunds-(12)Little Darlin'.flac25.78 MB
  14. CD/Dave Edmunds-(13)My Baby Left Me.flac13.63 MB
  15. CD/Get It.cue2.10 KB
  16. covers/Back version 2.jpg701.65 KB
  17. covers/Back.jpg912.74 KB
  18. covers/Booklet 2 - 3.jpg708.96 KB
  19. covers/Booklet 4 - 1.jpg1.62 MB
  20. covers/Disc.jpg778.42 KB
  21. Dave Edmunds - Get It.log5.13 KB
  22. front.jpg224.59 KB