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  1. Spectrograms/01.-Mouth For War.flac.png208.64 KB
  2. Spectrograms/02.-A New Level.flac.png216.25 KB
  3. Spectrograms/03.-Walk.flac.png209.35 KB
  4. Spectrograms/04.-Fucking Hostile.flac.png203.05 KB
  5. Spectrograms/05.-This Love.flac.png198.36 KB
  6. Spectrograms/06.-Rise.flac.png191.96 KB
  7. Spectrograms/07.-No Good (Attack The Radical).flac.png207.95 KB
  8. Spectrograms/08.-Live In A Hole.flac.png208.21 KB
  9. Spectrograms/09.-Regular People (Conceit).flac.png203.99 KB
  10. Spectrograms/10.-By Demons Be Driven.flac.png204.06 KB
  11. Spectrograms/11.-Hollow.flac.png194.78 KB
  12. 00.-Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power.m3u268 bytes
  13. 01.-Mouth For War.flac94.31 MB
  14. 02.-A New Level.flac92.02 MB
  15. 03.-Walk.flac119.43 MB
  16. 04.-Fucking Hostile.flac67.62 MB
  17. 05.-This Love.flac142.43 MB
  18. 06.-Rise.flac111.32 MB
  19. 07.-No Good (Attack The Radical).flac113.01 MB
  20. 08.-Live In A Hole.flac118.11 MB
  21. 09.-Regular People (Conceit).flac127.46 MB
  22. 10.-By Demons Be Driven.flac109.17 MB
  23. 11.-Hollow.flac137.28 MB
  24. DR12.txt1.39 KB
  25. folder.jpg456.51 KB
  26. info.txt1.13 KB